posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 29th Mar 2006 21:57 UTC
IconToday, we have something special on OSNews, something that's actually a first-timer on OSNews. Already common on other websites, we today hand the microphone to you, so you can ask questions to someone from the tech industry. Read on for the details!

As you have already guessed by the headline, the subject of this community interview will be Bernd Korz, CEO of YellowTAB, the company behind Zeta, the operating system based on the 'old' BeOS. YellowTAB is currently working on Zeta 1.2.

The rules are simple: post your questions in the comments' section of this article. If you whish to remain anonymous, then you can email me with your question(s), and your name will not be listed. We, the staff, will pick the questions we deem most interesting, and send them via email to Bernd Korz. We will add some of our own questions, too.

Only questions posted/sent before midnight UTC (the night from Thursday to Friday) are eligable for the interview. Be sure to read through the comments before posting yours, to prevent duplicate questions. I cannot guarantee when the interview will be ready, but I'd expect it to be done early next week.

Fire away!

--Thom Holwerda

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