Behind the Scenes of Amiga Inc

The annual AmiWest show was held last weekend in Sacramento, USA. As with many important Amiga shows held in the US, UGN provided Amigans live webcam and audio coverage of this event. Most interesting was the live coverage of Bill McEwen’s Saturday evening banquet speech (MP3). Update: Please use the following mirrors for the mp3 instead: USA, France, Norway and UK. Update 2: Sendo has published an Amiga related press release, confirming that their Z100 mobile phone will ship with Amiga software.Amiga’s CEO gives a lot of background information on what has been going on at Amiga Inc during the last two years. Among things he mentioned that the Z100 mobile phone by Sendo and a yet to be announced Linux based PDA will be released with AmigaDE software pre-installed. Next to that AmigaDE software will become available for O2’s heavily marketed PDA/phone combo, through O2 vendors.


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