Review: LIX Systems LX8100

Phoronix has published a review of the LIX Systems LX8100-AM2BB-M2NPV, which is a complete HTPC/PVR that ships with GNU/Linux and all of the other goodies. They conclude: “We have become overwhelmingly impressed by the LX8100-AM2BB-M2NPV. This HTPC system is incredibly compact, powerful for video purposes, offers a great deal of installed software and other media features, and is unbelievably quiet. The Lx8100 is extremely well designed for its size and the changeable frontpanel design is interesting and functional for matching the device with other multimedia equipment. The LX8100-AM2BB-M2NPV came loaded with all of the hardware needed to get going. The software also came completely configured and required virtually no setup.”


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