Amiga Forever 2008 Released

Cloanto has released Amiga Forever 2008, the latest version of their emulation package. Amiga Forever allows you to launch various instances of different AmigaOS versions, as well as various old Amiga games. The operating systems’ ROM files are provided on the disk.Amiga Forever 2008 is rewritten from scratch, and includes, among other things, the following new and improved features:

  • The new Amiga Forever player makes it possible to double-click or drag-and-drop downloaded disk images (e.g. ADF, ADZ, IPF, etc.) to play them, using heuristic content analysis to preset a suitable Amiga hardware configuration
  • The player has built-in support for dual screens and multiple emulation sessions
  • Rather than closing an emulation session, it is possible to save its state, for example to resume a game at a later time (the experience can be amazing, because the session is up and running again in an instant)
  • Full undo of ADF, ADZ, HDF and HDZ disk writes (disk changes may be committed or discarded when exiting the emulation)
  • Full support for Windows Vista x86 and x64

Amiga Forever 2008, like its predecessors, comes in three editions, and there is upgrade pricing too.


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