posted by Rahul on Tue 4th Nov 2008 06:17 UTC
IconKristian Hogsberg, Red Hat Xorg developer and the key person behind successful projects such as AIGLX, has now started working on a new project called Wayland, a tiny display server and compositing manager.

In his latest blog post, titled "Premature publicity is better than no publicity", he writes:

The core idea is that all windows are redirected, we can do all rendering client side and pass a buffer handle to the server and the compositing manager runs in the display server. One of the goals is to get an X server running on Wayland, first in a full screen window (like Xnest), then rootless, since X just isn't going aways anytime soon. Many more details in the NOTES file of the project.

Phoronix is running an article on Wayland. Wayland is quite small, code-wise, as it consists of only 3200 lines of C, however, as Hogsberg notes, "it's a very young project with a lot of FIXMEs and hand waving."

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