An Update on Yamit

As stated in the previous OSNews article our project, Yamit, is trying to address some shortcomings of Mach that are usually results of insufficient tuning (sometimes caused by the fact that code comes from the 80’s). In the current alpha release we are addressing issues that seem to be more critical to overall performance than others. We also work on either hardware independent parts of code or on x86 dependent parts. Modifications will include existing subsystem tuning as well providing support for hardware that was not sufficiently supported until now. Plus we are trying to address some bugs that were crippling the system.

On the userland side we are planning to release at least one server either 4.4BSD-Lite or Linux. The Linux server is a slightly modified MkLinux available in source form from their web site. Modifications are simple bug fixes for some bugs that were introduced to it after project left OSF. We currently have server based on Linux kernel 2.0 and if there will be interest in the community we could update it to 2.4 kernel and possibly even produce complete distribution on CD(s).

The BSD server is a modified Lites. Lites required much more work, but it is almost complete and could be finished soon.
In general we don’t think that we will be continuously upgrading these servers, but rather design our own multithreaded single server as well as multi-server operating systems. However, since software is under open source licenses, community could have their own way and continue developing existing code-base.

After the alpha release we are planning to roll-out beta. It will be based on feedback from alpha and architecture dependent optimizations will be ported on other hardware platforms, for instance PowerPC. Plus we are planning to have more optimizations for review, those that are not yet ready for prime time, but hopefully will be sufficiently tested in several months.

Once that is done we are going to do mega commits of tested code and roll out first release of our OS.
On non-technical side we are considering name-change and looking for some hardware contributions.

Namely we are interested in:
1) x86 SMP machines
2) Dual-CPU Macs (servers and workstations)
3) 64-bit PowerPC machine
We think that progress we are making could not only be beneficial to our effort, but Mach community abroad. Same optimizations that make our system work better could help Darwin and even GNU/Hurd (until they will change microkernel for L4)

About the Author:
Igor Shmukler is a systems programmer, who has a bit over ten years of industry experience. He started working on PDP-11 machines and has been doing low level programming on and off even since. He is very happy to be born in computer times otherwise he does not even know what he could be doing for living.


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