Apple, Pirates, and Winter

This week had some interesting things in it. In Sweden, they think they can stop piracy by sending The Pirate Bay to court, Apple faced its first Mac sales slow down in like forever but they’re still high on customer satisfaction, and we wondered if a cat an agree to an EULA. This week’s my take is from Jordan “weildish” Spencer Cunningham, and is about winter.

The big news this week has been the trial between the entertainment industry and The Pirate Bay, the torrent website. It started on Monday, but on Tuesday already it became clear the prosecutors had little understanding of bittorrent technology and were forced to drop half of the charges, resulting in a major win for The Pirate Bay.

Apple had also seen some bad news and some good news. After disappointing sales in January and the possibility of a year-over-year drop in sales for the first time in six years, the company also had some good news: they once again scored high on customer satisfaction, together with ASUS and Acer.

And where would our week in review be without netbook news? Freescale announced they would like to use Android for their netbooks, and say they’re aiming for half of the market. In addition, netbook sales in Europe have risen sharply, further confirming they they aren’t just a fad. Speaking of netbooks – if it’s up to Psion, we are no longer allowed to call them so. Since we still haven’t received a cease and desist letter: netbook! Netbook! Netbook! Netbook! Netbook!

We also wondered if your cat can agree to an EULA, whether consistency is something more than just looks, and if resorting to FUD hurts the alternatives to Microsoft.

As said, this week’s My Take is not by me (Thom Holwerda) but by Jordan “weildish” Spencer Cunningham.

My Take: On Winter

In short, I love and hate Winter. I’m always excited beyond reason for the first snowfall of the season and for the Christmas holidays to begin. Christmas was always my most favorite of holidays, whether for reason of being with family and friends more, for the lack of schooling during the season, the overall heightening of good will amongst all, or simply the exchange of gifts. The fact that Winter and Christmas almost go hand in hand for the month of December always helped me love the season. Also, I have always thought snowfall to be one of the most beautiful natural things to witness. This always gets me through December loving everything about Winter.

After the beginning of January, on the other hand, Winter turns from a delightful, warm-and-fuzzly-feeling season to a stale and dank period where the air is dry, the snow is hard, and the natural gas bill gets old. Where I live, the winters are generally constituted of less snow and more bitter cold (at least these days due to the drout that we’ve been in and out of for over a decade). What snow that remains after January is usually dirty and crusty. The valley where I live also traps pollution in itself during the winter, causing nasty inversions that collect pollutants until a storm blows them out; those inversions can often last for weeks, sometimes endangering certain people’s health. This nasty phase of Winter always lasts until around March or even close to April, and it’s simply no fun whatsoever: the Monday segment of the year. A year or so ago, it was even supposed by one of our local newspapers to bring about depression in some individuals, especially those trapped under the cloud of inversion (versus those who lived higher in the mountains above the trapped pollutants).

On the up side, the mountains offer some of the most beautiful scenery in the world when covered in snow, even despite the city obscuring them.

The Wasatch Mountains from my roof

All in all, I enjoy Winter (mainly because of Christmas) up until the wee hours of January, which I then begin complaining cantankerously about it and writing disparagements on websites that have nothing to do with the weather until it feels like Spring is upon us again. What I wouldn’t give to rent a little cottage near the equator from January to March.


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