AROS Gets Its Own Web Browser Via OWB Port

Stanislaw Sszymczyk accepted the AROS browser bounty last December, ten months after Robert Norris’ work that provided a partially working Webkit port. Now, after just three months he delivers the first public beta of the AROS port of OWB.

The OWB port for AROS features tabbed browsing, a download manager, JavasScript and CSS support, and can navigate complex AJAX pages such as Google Maps and Gmail. For OWB to work on AROS you need either a fresh nightly build after February 12, or the replacement of arosc.library and muimaster.library; both can be obtained from a recent nightly ISO from the AROS home page or, for VmWAROS users, via this custom build provided by VmWAROS mantainer Paolo Besser to be used with VmWupdate.

OWB beta can be downloaded from here. A bugtracker for bugs and feature requests has been set up as well.


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