Acer Predicts 100% Growth in Netbooks in 2009

The world’s largest netbook manufacturer, Acer, has just presented its forecasts for its own second quarter, as well as the rest of the year, and it is very positive about the netbook market and its own part in that market. In line with IDC predictions, the company predicts a 100 growth in 2009 for the netbook market, and predicts its own notebook and netbook shipments to rise with 35-40% this quarter.

Acer chairman J.T. Wang said that 100% growth in the netbook market over 2009 should not be a problem. Aer knows a thing or two about netbooks, as its Aspire One machine has become a massive success, pushing Asus’ Eee line from the top spot. Thanks to its Aspire One line, Acer saw its overall market share grow 3 percentage points last year.

In the current quarter, which is still underway for Acer, the company expects a growth in its overall shipments of about 25-30%. This growth solely consists of notebook sales, as they are expected to rise by 35-40%, whereas desktop PC shipments are expected to drop 5-10%.

Acer will try to further cement its strong position by releasing a number of laptops based on Intel’s CULV chips, which are positioned to fill the gap between normal notebook chips and the Atom line of processors used in most netbooks. Acer will be the first manufacturer to ship these new intel chips. They are expected to be launched today.


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