AROS Status Update; Introducing iMica

It’s been a really, really long time since the last status update from the AROS team – the last one dates back to before Christmas. AROS was still progressing nicely, as evidenced by the Icaros Desktop releases we’ve reported on, but it’s still nice to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. The AROS guys have given another status update, and a long one to boot. There’s also a computer for sale with AROS pre-installed.

While a lot has been happening the past 6-7 months in AROS land, two things stand out. First, AROS finally has its very own native web browser (OWB), filled with modern goodies like CSS support, JavaScript, tabbed browsing, and a download manager. This may not seem like the world to non-AROS users, but you’ll realise just how important a modern browser is the moment you don’t have one.

The other thing that stands out is work on AmigaOS compatibility. Oliver Brunner has been working on the UAE integration bounty, which would eventually allow full integration of AmigaOS applications in AROS. Currently, AOS applications can be ran in their own window in AROS, and Brunner is now working on menu integration.

There’s also something we haven’t yet covered on OSNews before: the iMica system. This is an Atom-based (Intel Atom 330 dual-core) small computer (detailed specifications), which comes pre-installed with Icaros Desktop, making it the first and only pre-installed AROS computer currently for sale. It comes courtesy of UK-based ClusterUK, and sells for 275 GBP.

I’m not really sure how to order to system, but it’s pretty darn cool nonetheless.


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