Apple’s Rumoured Netbook Made Out of Wood

Normally, this isn’t something you’d find on the front page of OSNews, but the amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail going into this project is just mind blowing. In fact, it’s so mind blowing that many Apple rumour websites posted this as a possible shot of an upcoming Apple netbook. Well, yeah, if Apple started making laptops out of wood…

Cult of Mac posted a photo earlier this week of what appeared to be a small version of the white Apple MacBook. While it looked like a real laptop, it did have a few oddities that made it feel “not right”. Still, the photo made its usual round across the copy/pasting Apple webring.

Gosh, do they feel silly now. Cult of Mac later revealed that said photo was part of a series of photos sent to them by an artist… Who replicated a white MacBook out of wood, and drew all the details on the device with a pencil. The full photoset is just astonishingly beautiful.

Of course, it also illustrates the sad state of Apple reporting these days. The various Apple websites have turned into a sort of copy/paste webring automaton with barely any critical thinking, who will post anything even if it’s obviously fake. Just one website has to write that Apple will buy Twitter, and by the end of the hour, Apple has not only bought Twitter, but also FaceBook, MySpace, and three camels. It’s time we finally get an Apple news website of decent quality, with good, critical editors who can properly discern fact from fiction.

Well, at least Steve gets a good laugh out of this every morning. I guess.


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