OSNews History: June 4, 2005

Five Four years ago today, OSNews published some interesting articles. Apple announced it was dropping PPC for x86 (that one was a bombshell). That news was met with fear, excitement, and a fair bit of skepticism. Five Four years later, that decision has gone down as one of the smartest, gutsiest moves in computing business history. Congratulations to Apple’s engineers for making it go so smoothly. We also examined whether “soon” personal computers will have the ability to respond to stimuli from the outside world, by seeing and interpreting video or other signals. We’re still waiting on that one. (And the project we linked to is now a dead link). Note: due to a back-end Snafu, this one didn’t post until the fifth, but it’s still an interesting date in OSNews history, so enjoy.We linked to a review of Mac OS X “Tiger.” Developers of KDE browser Konqueror announced it had passed the ACID2 test. It had included patches from work Apple had done on Safari, which had been out for more than a year in June 2004.

Finally, gaming icon, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto spoke with CNN and discussed why innovation is dying in the video game industry. He spoke about Nintendo’s upcoming console, then-codenamed “revolution.” What we now know as the Wii really ended up being a revolution, and threw Nintendo’s console rivals for a loop. Going back and reading that article is like watching a movie about the D-day invasion. Nintendo, and everyone else must have been thinking that their “revolution” was a long shot at best, but looking back from 2009, its success almost seems inevitable. I tend to agree with Shigeru Miyamoto that innovation was dying in 2004, but I think the players of all console games can be happy that the Wii gave the game industry a jolt of adrenaline and kicked them back toward gameplay and fun, instead of just an FPS war.

And an added bonus: read the OSNews comments on the Apple x86 and Nintendo stories to see opinions that are alternatingly clueless and visionary in retrospect. Do you recognize your opinions in there? How have they changed?


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