QNX 6.4.1 Released

For some inexplicable reason I missed the fact that one of my favourite operating systems saw a new release last month. On May 28 QNX Software Systems released QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.4.1 and the associated Momentics Tool Suite, also at version 6.4.1. Even though it’s a point release, there’s some really cool and new stuff in here.

One of the main additions in this new release is a standards-based compositing manager, which is built using the Khronos Group’s OpenKODE. “OpenKODE is a royalty-free, open standard that combines a set of native APIs to increase source portability for rich media and graphics applications,” the Khronos Groep’s website explains, “OpenKODE reduces mobile platform fragmentation by introducing the cross-platform OpenKODE Core API for accessing operating system resources to minimize source changes when porting applications between Linux, Rex/Brew, Symbian, Windows CE, WIPI and RTOS-based platforms.”

Another really, really welcome addition is the arrival of a WebKit-based web browser for the QNX platform. This release also introduces read support for HFS+ and NTFS file systems, as well as a GCC 4.3 toolchain. Support for the ARM Cortex A8 processor has also been introduced, as well as improved support for Freescale’s PowerPC e500 processors.

You can get this new release from the download page.


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