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Today’s a slow news day, so I thought it would be a good day to bring up an idea I’ve been incubating. I’ve been contemplating launching an OSNews-like site on the topic of Enterprise Computing. Obviously, OSNews covers the OS-related aspects of heavy-duty business, scientific, and academic computing already, and sometimes news on databases, app servers, cloud computing and other related topics too, but a lot of the kind of news that is useful to enterprise IT people falls outside of OSNews’ purview, and it’s appropriate to keep it that way. But I think that the enterprise IT world could use an OSNews-like site to aggregate and examine the latest news in that sphere. So my question to you, dear OSNews readers, is this: Do you agree? Would you be interested in reading and participating in a site on that topic? Would you be interested in being involved? If so, I’d like to recruit a few editors to help me launch it. Read on for more details. Update: Are there any native Korean speakers who read OSNews? If you are one, and you’d be willing to help me out with a short project, please contact me.The OSNews team is pretty busy with OSNews stuff, and probably always will be. None of us do OSNews as a full-time job, so we don’t actually have free time between OSNews and our “real” jobs to launch a new site. Well, since I’m recently unemployed (like so many), I actually do have a little more free time, hence the ambition to start a new site, but eventually (I hope) I’ll get a new job, so if this is going to happen, we need some new blood.

What I’m looking for is a few experienced IT people who work in the business, scientific, or academic computing worlds and follow the news and trends in enterprise computing. If you have a boring, unfulfilling job, and would like something to entertain you and possibly give you some supplemental income in your free time, then you would be an idea candidate. Even if you’re not an Uber-sysadmin, if you follow the industry avidly, and you’re a good writer, the good writer part of the job description is the non-negotiable one anyway.

If you already do some blogging on the topic, or you’ve contributed blogging or articles to another publication on the topic, then all the better.

As for compensation, this is likely to be an unprofitable enterprise for some time. Nevertheless, OSNews has some great advertisers, and this is a topic that can attract decent sponsors, so it won’t be the kind of uphill struggle it would be to start this kind of publication from scratch. I am willing to offer a meager, part-time wage at the beginning as part of my investment in the operation. As traffic grows and the site starts to be able to support itself, I would expect that the site’s editors would be able to enjoy a modest supplemental income from their work on the site, based on a portion of the advertising and sponsorship revenue. In other words, I’m looking for people who are entrepreneurial in spirit, willing to take risks, but who could use a bit of extra money, and would enjoy making it while becoming a prominent voice on a topic they find interesting.

Editors would need to be self-starting hard workers, capable of digesting vast quantities of news and writing every day and have a solid foundation in enterprise computing. I would provide a solid technical and business foundation for them to get started and manage all the mundane aspects of the business aside from the daily content creation and aggregation. Editors would have vast authority to run the site the way they see fit and will be free to contribute to OSNews too.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact me at the email address on here. If you have any thoughts on this proposed enterprise, please let us know in the comments.


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