Android Bakes a New Pastry: Donut

Following the Cupcake branch, the Android team is baking something new and deliciously named. The Donut branch will be developing many new features in order to compete with rival phones and OSs like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and webOS. Despite what many others have said, Donut is not going to be Android 2.0, but much of the development going on in that branch will end up being rolled out in the next firmware update. The development from Donut will bring Android a slew of new features, among which are CMDA network compatibility (for Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless networks, purportedly), integrated universal search similar to that of iPhone 3.0’s Spotlight, more text-to-speech, “automatic backup, and a home-screen widget to let users easily toggle functions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.” Following the pastry theme, we may expect to see the next two Android branches to be named “Eclair” and “Flan.” The only thing I’m wondering is if Android will evolve to a point beyond personal pastries where we’ll begin to see “Lasagna,” “Orange Chicken,” and “Carl’s Junior’s Famous Star.” I’ll buy an Android phone just to get those updates that will remind me just how beautiful the world is.


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