Rocklyte Systems Utilizes SciTech SNAP Graphics Technology

SciTech Software today announced that Rocklyte Systems has licensed the SciTech SNAP Graphics engine for use in its latest release of Athene OS, a consumer operating environment that provides a completely object based and customizable user environment. Read more for the press release.

The agreement places SciTech’s latest device driver technology, SciTech SNAP Graphics in the heart of Rocklyte’s OS development plans and provides plug-n-play access to more than 180 popular graphics cards.

“Through the use of SciTech’s technology we have been able to make a significant step forward in the development of our operating system architecture” said Rocklyte’s founding director, Paul Manias. “SciTech’s SNAP has provided us with every feature needed for a modern desktop display. The quality of the hardware acceleration also allows us to deliver a high performance operating system for computer graphics, which we could not do using other established graphics systems.”

“Rocklyte’s utilization of SciTech SNAP Technology marks a turning point in the development of future OS’es,” said Andrew Bloo, Director of Sales & Marketing, for SciTech Software Inc. “by utilizing SciTech’s core device driver technology, Rocklyte now has the ability to produce a modern and powerful OS with a level of graphic device support previously only available to Microsoft Windows users”.

SciTech’s core device driver technology takes device support to the next level of compatibility, performance, and reliability with a level of customization never before thought possible. The SciTech SNAP driver architecture reduces development time and associated costs for hardware manufacturers looking to add additional support for enterprise, industrial and embedded systems customers regardless of selected operating system.


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