Competition: Win a Free Copy of TheKompany’s Rekall

Rekall is a database front-end. It is not itself a database — data is stored somewhere else, in an SQL server, and Rekall is fundamentally just a tool to extract, display and update that data (of course, it does lots more than that, it does forms and reports and scripting and so on). It is database agnostic, and does not have any preferred database in the sense that Access uses the Jet database engine. TheKompany is giving away a free copy of the packaged version of Rekall (normally costs $80 USD) to a lucky winner. Read more to participate to the competition!Currently, Rekall supports the following database formats: MySQL, PostgreSQL, XBase with XBSQL (an SQL wrapper library for the XBase access library), IBM DB2, ODBC. The above list will be expanded later. TheKompany plans to add drivers for Oracle, MS SQL Server/Sybase and Interbase/Firebird. Rekall can do all the things that you would expect of a database front-end: You can design and use forms and reports, construct database queries, and import and export data in several different formats. Rekall can be scripted using the the Python language. You can arrange that a script is executed when various events occur (for instance, when the user changes the value of a control). Scripts can be associated directly with the event, but you can also store scripts in script modules for more general use. And, of course, you have full access to all the modules that are available for Python. Plus, Rekall has an integrated Python debugger, and uses its own tkcEditor to support syntax highlighting.

You can try out the demo, or check out some screenshots. Version 1.1.0 of Rekall for both the Linux and Windows platforms was announced today.

Things you need to know before entering the competition:

  • ALL the form fields below need to be field with real and honest information, so TheKompany can reply to you in case you’ve won.

  • TheKompany will randomly pick up one winner, and it will be announced on OSNews tomorrow.

  • OSNews does not accept any other responsibility other than hosting this competition. OSNews does not receive any information from the form, TheKompany does.

  • The competition will be active on Tuesday, November 26th 2002.

  • TheKompany retains the right to add your email address to their ANNOUNCE-only mailing list (low traffic), but do not worry, your email address will only be used for this purpose and not any other.

  • If you win but you fail to reply to TheKompany with your snail mail address (so they can send you the prize) within a week, another winner will be chosen in your place.

  • You are allowed one entry.

  • Good luck everyone!

    Update The competition is over! Thank you everyone for participating!


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