Origyn Web Browser 1.7, Supports HTML5 Media, More

Fabien “Fab” Coeurjoly has released Origyn Web Browser 1.7 for MorphOS. HTML5 video and audio is provided through FFMpeg, supporting a wide range of codecs (Ogg/Theora/Vorbis, MPEG4, H264, AAC, MP3, Wav). Highlights of the change log follow.

  • Updated to OWB SVN r1369, Curl 7.20
  • Implemented HTML5 Media backend (<VIDEO> and <AUDIO>) through FFMpeg:
    • Support for most common codecs: Ogg/Theora/Vorbis, MPEG4, H264, AAC, MP3, Wav, …
    • Builtin controls support
    • Sites like dailymotion/openvideo, youtube/html5 and vimeo work
    • Known issues/limitations:
      • Audio output uses AHI music unit at the moment, which is unfortunately exclusive. It’s still possible to play several sounds at once with this mode, by setting AHI music unit to: “Unit 0:
      • Each media instance requires one exec signal in OWB main task, which means there can be 5 concurrent media players at most (depending on other OWB options that can also eat signals)
      • Fullscreen mode isn’t implemented yet
      • The whole media is stored in memory (sorry for this one, it will be handled in a more elegant way later)
  • Added search engine configuration window
  • Implemented JavaScript window modes for popups (no toolbar, no status, window size, …)
  • Improved keyboard support, more texteditor shortcuts work now: ctrl+a (select all), ctrl+[shift]+z (undo/redo), ctrl+b/u/i (bold,underline,italic)
  • Added ctrl+wheel combination to zoom in/out
  • Added status images for local/internet/secure/insecure areas
  • Reworked history popup in completion mode, so that the typed text is shown (as bold/underline) in the matching entries in the list
  • Added “Open all bookmarks” entry for quicklinks folder
  • Allow to restart a finished download
  • Changed options regarding session restoration at startup (always/ask/never).
  • Slight adjustments in cookie parsing (fixes MobileMe)
  • Don’t show authorization window with uncomplete 401 responses
  • The form credentials saving system now allows to ignore some sites, by pressing “never” button, when asked if credentials should be saved
  • Disable gzip on-the-fly decompression when downloading, since it seems to create some confusion
  • Removed the lame googlemap bug workaround and integrated the proper fix from WebKit
  • Changed some options defaults: history popup, network thread, experimental cookies and favicons are now enabled by default

Full change log, download links and a screenshot are at the bottom of the announcement.

All in all, looks great. It’s good that smaller operating systems are finally having the opportunity to participate freely on the Internet. A decline in Flash use will also give even more credence to systems like Haiku, AmigaOS and MorphOS. It is no bad thing when I can develop with the latest features, and even if I don’t test on MorphOS (like so few web developers will), there’s still some guarantee that it will work. Even lazy developers will be able to inadvertently support MorphOS users!


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