HTC, Sprint See Successful EVO 4G Launch

While the spotlights are usually all over Apple’s iPhone, there’s another phone company out there which is busy winning the hearts and minds of many: HTC. Founded only 13 years ago, the company has become the primary supplier of top-notch Android phones. Last Friday, Sprint launched the HTC EVO 4G to raving reviews and considerable consumer interest.

For some inexplicable reason, technology journalists and bloggers, OSNews included, will pretty much dedicate their entire existence to Apple the moment it announces a new phone, while companies with far larger market share and far more prominence around the world – Nokia, RIM – rarely get a mention when launching new stuff. In case anyone wonders – the moment we don’t jump through hoops the moment Apple launches a new phone (like tonight), we’ll get complaints we’re anti-Apple.

I wish Nokia zealots would complain to us for once, but alas.

HTC is also one of those companies we just don’t seem to follow as closely, phone-wise, as we do with Apple. This is a shame, since HTC has been producing a number of really well-received Android smartphones this past year that have really had a tremendous impact on the market. Most prominently, the Incredible (Droid) and Sprint’s EVO 4G.

The popularity of both these devices have caught their respective carriers (Verizon and Sprint) completely off guard. If you order an Incredible now, it won’t ship until June 28, and last Friday, launch day for the EVO 4G, Sprint’s activation servers were completely overloaded, and the phone was sold out in a lot of places. Apple-like (or Windows-like) lines formed in front of Sprint stores. In fact, Sprint has said they sold more EVOs that day than any other phone in one day.

As The Wall Street Journal details, all of HTC’s design work is done by a design company in California, One & Co., acquired in 2008. “HTC has really stepped up its software and device capabilities,” John Harrobin, a senior vice president at Verizon, told The Wall Street Journal, “This bodes well for working more closely with them.”

It sure bodes well. However, tonight we’ll see Apple launching a new iPhone (that much is certain), and it might just be that this new iPhone will be so much better than anything HTC has to offer that the Taiwanese company’s winning streak is over.

We’ll see.


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