Chrome OS to Include Remote Desktop-like Functionality

We don’t get too many details when it comes to Google’s Chrome OS, but this tiny little tidbit dug up by The Register is certainly quite interesting. It looks as if Google is working on implementing remote desktop-like functionality into Chrome OS so you can directly control applications running on other computers within the browser.

The hints are hidden within messages on a public mailing list about Chrome OS (a message to this mailing list quotes another message originally not posted to the public list). Basically, it appears as if Google is working on technology which would allow you to control applications running on other computers from within the browser itself. They jokingly refer to the functionality as “Chromoting”.

“We’re adding new capabilities all the time,” writes Gary Kačmarčík, software engineer at Google, “With this functionality (unofficially named ‘chromoting’), Chrome OS will not only be [a] great platform for running modern web apps, but will also enable you to access legacy PC applications right within the browser. We’ll have more details to share on chromoting in the coming months.”

Obviously, there’s nothing new about this kind of technology, but it’s interesting Google is building this into Chrome OS. I can see how it would be very handy to be able to use your Chrome OS laptop to access applications running on your main desktop. Hopefully, the technology is smart enough to dedicate a browser tab to each application – instead of just bluntly showing you the entire remote desktop.

Little else is known about the technology, other than mentions of it in Chromium’s source code and some IRC logs. I have to say I am interested just how well-integrated this stuff is going to be.


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