Silly Rumours of the Week that Was

A list of intriguing rumours from the week that was… Firstly: Dell looking to buy AMD. Having one of its best financial years with revenue of $6.49 billion and net profit $471 million, the ‘AMD in crisis’ reports just won’t go away. While news of execs leaving the company, and the almost total rebranding of its processor line-up won’t help to quell this, the company sure looks healthy, at least in the short term. Although demand for its products is rising with demand exceeding supply in some cases. I can’t help but think this has all to do with the Windows/ARM announcement.

Silly rumour number two: Apple looking to enter television set business. Apple is rumoured to begin selling television sets in two years. This was deduced from recent Apple patent filing and a $500 million dollar partnership with LG to produce LCD screens. An Apple fridge next (I would buy an Apple fridge)?

Silly rumour number three is a real shocker. A Japanese website reported that Sony suspended its next generation PS4 development. Rumour is Sony is putting all their faith in handhelds. Personally I think this is a report taken out of context. The Sony employee only mentioned that the development of the PowerPC-based processor for the next-generation Playstation has been shelved and not the project itself. Is Sony looking to use ARM-based processors for its next generation consoles, or is the rise of cheap handheld games and their rapid evolution really hurting the industry like Nintendo’s boss recently said?

The last one is actually not silly. Fedora and openSUSE have dropped their Unity efforts for the time being. The reason is reported to be lack of time/inclination among voluntary developers to sort out existing bugs.


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