Help Us Update Our OS Resources Page

A feature at OSNews for many years, the OS Resources page has been a popular reference for OS enthusiasts, but it hasn’t been tended very much over the past couple of years, and it’s in need of an update. While the OSNews staff will be working on making our own updates, we wanted to involve the readers, so we’ve set up an OS Resources Wiki to help with collaboration. Please “read more” if you’d like to help out.
This won’t be the permanent home of the resources page, just a place for us to work together for a week or two. Anonymous editing is on, so you don’t need to log in or sign up to participate. If you are working on the update, though, we’d like to know who’s helping. Please contact us with any questions about the Resource Page update, or just to let us know you’re contributing.

If you have any big ideas for how the resources page can be improved, feel free to be bold. We don’t have to limit it to the kind of thing that’s always been there. If there’s a groundswell of interest among readers to dramatically expand the Resources section, we’ll be happy to provide the framework to build it.

Make additions to the page in black, and any comments for other contributors in red.


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