Icaros Desktop Reaches Version 1.3

A new “point release” of Icaros Desktop, distribution of the AROS Research Operating system (an effort to re-create the original AmigaOS in a open source fashion, that may be ported on any platform), has been released today. The new version includes new software and games, but also enhances and extends some of the goods already included in the former releases.

Screen dragging, one of the most iconic abilities of the classic Amiga from Commodore, has been reproduced and extended to VESA modes, and Icaros’ AmiBridge scripts have been reworked to take advantage of Janus-UAE coherency mode. In practice, users can now run AmigaOS applications straight from Wanderer (AROS replacement for the Amiga Workbench) in their own windows, more or less like in VirtualBox integration mode (a copy of AmigaOS 3.x and original ROM files is still required).

Newer Nouveau driver introduce 3D acceleration in 2D alpha blended operations (WritePixelArrayAlpha) and text rendering, with a huge speed up for GeForce cards owners. Latest MESA libraries and Gallium3D subsystem have been included as well.

As usual, Icaros Desktop provides a full development chain for people interested in coding, with a interesting collection of languages, tools and libraries. Further informations, a PDF press release, screenshots and download links can be found on the Icaros Desktop website.


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