Samsung Denies webOS Plans; Intel Denies it’s Dropping MeeGo

Two reports about mobile operating systems, both refuted by the companies the reports were about. First, there were persistent rumours Samsung wanted to buy or license webOS from HP – the company has now stated it has absolutely no interest in doing so. Another report surfaced today, stating Intel was temporarily backing off MeeGo – Intel, too, has refuted this report, stating it remains committed to MeeGo. Coincidentally, both reports originated from DigiTimes.

DigiTimes reported earlier this week that Samsung was interested in buying webOS from HP, while also being interested in HP’s personal computer business. The reason quoted by DigiTimes was Google’s acquisition of Motorola, which was supposedly perceived as a threat to other Android phone makers. Samsung, however, has now responded, stating it has zero interest in buying webOS.

Samsung’s chief executive officer Choi Gee Sung talked to reporters at IFA in Berlin, and responded to questions about the rumoured purchasing plans. “It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,” Choi Gee Sung said (maybe someone should tell him where Android comes from, but okay, we’ll roll with it). The company will “never” pursue such a webOS deal. In fact, the company is working harder and harder on its own operating system, Bada, and since my brother owns a Bada phone, I can confirm that this under-appreciated operating system is actually pretty damn awesome – very fast and capable.

Another report from DigiTimes, published earlier today, stated that Intel was temporarily backing off MeeGo because, well, nobody gives a chocolate brick about it. Supposedly, Intel was going to focus on making hardware for Android and Windows Phone, leaving MeeGo behind. This report, too, has been refuted by Intel.

“We remain committed to MeeGo and open source, and will continue to work with the community to help develop and meet the needs of customers and end users,” an Intel spokesperson told CNET. Of course, this could still be PR-speak, but for now, it would seem Intel’s involvement with MeeGo won’t end right now.

Still, there’s no denying that both webOS and MeeGo are at the brink of death – which makes me a little sad, actually. It would seem the fight between iOS and Android (insofar you can speak of a ‘fight’ and not ‘total pwnage’) has already caused at least two almost-confirmed casualties.


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