Icaros 1.4, AspireOS 1.7 released

Sure, we have AmigaOS and MorphOS, but those cost money and require special hardware. For those of us more interested in running an Amiga-like operating system on regular, x86 hardware, there’s AROS. Two AROS distributions, Icaros Desktop and AspireOS both saw new releases recently.

Icaros Desktop 1.4 comes with several improvements over the previous version, many of them courtesy of AROS. Most importantly, there’s the first parts of a printing system. Currently, printer.device only support PostScript printers, and only a few programs are ready to use it. Still, it’s an interesting start, and more is sure to come in this area.

Wanderer has also been improved considerably, and general system stability has seen a boost as well. OWB has been ported from MorphOS to AROS, and obviously, Icaros profits from this as well – it ships this new port by default. OWB supports HTML5 (including video) and uses the WebKit rendering engine.

It will come as no surprise that AspireOS 1.7 also ships with the new OWB port and the printing system. It also comes with a PlayStation emulator (the first PlayStation). AspireOS is a more basic AROS distribution, with less bells and whistles than Icaros Desktop.

So, there’s really no excuse not to try out the world of AROS if you want to. Get cracking! I mean, you’re already tired of the Windows 8 consumer preview, right (I’m not, actually)?


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