Google playing with adding Xperia S support to AOSP

Fascinating bit of news dug up by The Verge. AOSP’s main man, Jean-Baptiste Queru, has announced that he is going to try to add support for the Sony Xperia S to AOSP – effectively turning it into a Nexus-class device. “Over time, AOSP has added files related to various hardware targets. […] For a new challenge, I’d like to try to go one step further, and to target some hardware beyond the usual categories. I’ve added a git project for the Sony LT26, i.e. Xperia S. This seems like a good target: it’s a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP.” AOSP support is usually reserved for Nexus devices, so this is certainly a bold new step for Android to take. Coincidentally, I made a list yesterday of possible Android phones to replace my Galaxy SII if the need were to arise, and the Xperia S sits firmly atop that list because of its distinctive, angled design (as opposed to the rounded blandness of the SIII and One X). In other words, this is yet another reason to go with this one (since my SII is doing just fine, I’m actually holding out for a WP8 Lumia to replace my HTC HD7).


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