Microsoft updates privacy policy to match Google’s

“Microsoft this week updated its services agreement with subtle, yet potentially significant changes to its policy on privacy and dispute settlement. The company notified users of the changes in an e-mail sent Friday, informing them that the new Terms of Service would go into effect on October 19th. Apparently taking its cue from Google, Microsoft’s revised policy allows the company to access and display user content across all of its cloud properties.” Microsoft said, when Google announced an identical policy change: “Google is in the midst of making some unpopular changes to some of their most popular products. Those changes, cloaked in language like ‘transparency’, ‘simplicity’, and ‘consistency’, are really about one thing: making it easier for Google to connect the dots between everything you search, send, say or stream while using one of their services.” Let me guess: no outraged blog posts from the usual suspects this time around.


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