A new look at the newly official NVIDIA Shield

The major functionality – gaming – is all there. Shield runs ‘stock’ Android, but NVIDIA’s TegraZone curated app space is downright beautiful. Some thought was put into that UI. From there, you can play your Shield-optimized games, purchase new ones, and (if you have the proper NVIDIA graphics card on your PC), use Shield to control games being played on a PC gaming rig. The latter feature will launch in beta. We’ve used it twice now, and it’s surprisingly lag-free, though it does have the occasional connection hiccup.” I don’t really know what to think of this thing. It looks insane and I don’t see it competing with smartphones and other handheld gaming devices, but it does have some cool technology and I must admit that as a gamer, I’d love to have one. I have no idea where this will go.


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