Icaros Desktop 2.0.3 released

Icaros Desktop is a distribution – if you will – of AROS. Its latest version was released over the weekend.

Once again, system files have been brought to Jan 6 nightly build (with all the fixes introduced by Deadwood in AROS ABIv0), including changes to workbench themeing system and locale library. We’ve now fixed localization (which stopped working with update 2.0.2) and themes, whose structure has changed a little in the meanwhile (the ‘revert’ image that was originally included in a subdirectory, has been moved to its parent directory and renamed to ‘DirUp’, and this for every given theme in the distribution). Update 2.0.3 now reflects these changes and themes work again as expected. This means that Wanderer’s “Parent” (or “go back”, or “dir up” as you wish to call it) button is now working again, not only on X86 but even on 68K Wanderer, where it disappeared since v2.0.0.


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