Jolla shows Sailfish OS 2.0

Jolla has “introduced” Sailfish OS 2.0. It didn’t really introduce it though as it’s not available to anyone right now – it’s only potentially available to OEMs.

The independent Sailfish OS is soon reaching a major milestone as it is scaling from smartphones to tablets with the introduction of the Jolla Tablet. The first shipments of Jolla’s second Sailfish OS product are expected to start in Q2/2015. At this point, Sailfish OS is maturing to the next generation, ‘Sailfish OS 2.0’, and is introducing e.g. a new enhanced user interface, support for Intel architecture, and previously unseen software integration capabilities for partners.

The new interface is interesting – it greatly simplifies all the gestures and seems to function much more like Harmattan on the N9. As awesome as all this sounds, this still doesn’t address the biggest concern: applications. Some may be content running Android applications (poorly) on Sailfish, but I want the real deal. However, without – still – any word on paid applications, it doesn’t seem like this issue will be addressed any time soon.

That being said – I’m an early backer for the tablet, and can’t wait for it to arrive this May. I hope Sailfish OS 2.0 will find its way to my Jolla phone at around the same time.


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