Will the Apple Watch apps be any good?

The trouble is, no one really knows what makes a good Watch app yet. Apple can hand guidelines to developers, but even it doesn’t know for certain how people are going to want to use the watch. Developers almost have to code for it, though – waiting means losing ground, users, and publicity to other apps – so thousands are now taking a crack at it and hoping that they get it right.

Even of they aren’t any good yet, they will improve rapidly once the Apple Watch is in the hands of the millions of users who have pre-ordered them (and the many millions more buying them over the coming months). We’ll have to wait for the real applications to arrive later this year, when the native SDK arrives. The current ones are just small shells who have to beam virtually everything over from your iPhone, causing lots of performance issues across the board.

I do hope they get better looking though, because my god, the current crop is clunky, busy, and ugly. Those dark transparent backgrounds everywhere remind me of old Android widgets.


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