HTC delivering ads straight to Sense homescreen

Today, HTC has taken the “native advertising” a step further and begun sending push notifications straight to user’s devices. The push advertisement is for a custom theme available in HTC’s theme store. Sponsored themes like these are nothing new (Samsung offers Marvel based themes on the S6), but pushing them to users’ notification panels without their consent is more aggressive than we’re used to and it’s reminiscent of a practice which Google itself fought against.

Google has managed to keep Android completely separate from its advertising business; i.e., there are no Google ads in Android, even though the temptation to do so and the ease and efficiency with which this can be done is tremendous. Luckily for us users, unless you willingly and actively install ad-supported applications, you won’t be bothered with ads.

Unless you’re an HTC user. HTC has been trying to inject ads into several parts of its Android customisations, and now it’s also started pushing ads to the notification drawer. This leaves an incredibly bad taste in my mouth, and it’s made it very sure I’m not going to buy an HTC device any time soon.


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