Microsoft’s Cortana to be deeply integrated into Cyanogen OS

McMaster revealed that Cyanogen is working with Microsoft to deeply integrate Cortana into the next version of Cyanogen OS. This is key to catapulting Cyanogen into the mass market, he asserts: Cortana is currently available as an app on Android, but in order for it to make a real difference, it needs to be able to be integrated at the OS level so that its full potential can be leveraged.

So, they’re really pushing ahead with integrating Microsoft services into every part of Cyanogen OS. I wonder at what point peddling these Microsoft services is going to somehow make CyanogenMod (the other side of the Cyanogen coin) worse.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now: Cyanogen is aiming to get acquired. They’re not in it to build a long-lasting company and deep ties with customers; they’re in it to get acquired for a lot of money and bail. As a user, I wouldn’t bet on this horse.


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