Syllable 0.4.3 is Released

Syllable 0.4.3 has been released. Check out the homepage or go straight to the files.
Also check out Syllable Internet, the home for the native Syllable internet apps, including ABrowse a WWW browser based on KHTML which now has tab support.Rick Caudill from Syllable sent us the changelog:
Added seed() & rand() kernel functions, and a /dev/random character device driver which makes use of them.
Added a kerndbg() macro.
Raw sockets patch from Ville Kallioniemi
Read-Only AFS patch from Daniel Gryniewicz
Network broadcast support for the Ethernet driver
DHCP client (dhcpc)

Fixed keyboard driver and appserver; NumLock & CapsLock now work.

Better font rendering thanks to FreeType 2.1.3 and Iain Hutchison.

Patched vertical centering in the following decorators for ft 2.1.3: amiga, beish, drow, mulvane, next, photon, red, win98

Changed amiga decorator to use thin borders and changed the aspect ratio of border buttons to better match the look of the real Amiga GUI.
Added a small patch which can be used to disable/enable AA rendering when calling DrawString(); This is not (Yet) system-wide AA Enable/Disble.

Added scrolling support to DropdownMenu. The Menu will now only display up to 12 items. It will display a scrollbar the user can click on to scroll up or down.
Limited keyboard support for DropdownMenu. You can use the up and down arrow keys to change the highlighted item and enter to select it.

Made the Menu class aware of the desktop boundaries. Menus will no longer open off screen.
Added CenterInWindow() to Window. (Allows eg. Alerts to be centered in the main app’s window)

Patched TextView (textview.cpp), adds keyboard shortcuts for copy: CTRL+C, paste: CTRL+V, cut: CTRL+X, undo: CTRL+Z, redo: CTRL+Y
Fixed crash bug and compile warning in TextView::GetValue()
Added TextView::Undo() and Redo()
Changed vertical centering in Button so it hopefully looks better with ft 2.1.3
Added the ImageButton widget.

Bug in Image::Draw fixed.
Fixed a problem with the include file for TabView.

Fixed a bug in dlogin. The bug wouldn’t let you save the last users name.

Added a new drive settings dialog. Root can now set up what drives he/she want to mount when you start the machine.

Now icon names can have spaces in them and they will run. For example, you can now have an icon to execute, LBrowser /atheos/tmp etc…


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