Oppo starts offering near-stock Android

Oppo has been putting a customized version of Android on its phones for years, but now it’s letting you strip most of those customizations away. It released a nearly stock version of Android today that’s basically just Android Lollipop with a few pieces of Oppo software, including its camera app, audio tools, and gesture support. The new release, which it’s calling Project Spectrum, is able to be installed on its Find 7 and Find 7a phones and will be coming to other Oppo phones in the near future. Sometime early next year, Oppo plans to release an updated version for Android Marshmallow.

More and more manufacturers seem to be getting the message: users want stock Android, because stock Android is better than whatever crap OEMs can come up with. A good development, obviously, but it still doesn’t address Android’d biggest weakness: updates.


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