Remix Mini wants your next PC to be Android

After initially thinking this would be great for people who want to do some of the stuff usually done on PC without the expense, now I’m not so sure who it suits. It fits only very simple work, ideally just in the browser or in Google apps; it’s not enjoyable or smooth enough for leisure time use; for viewing content you’d be better off with a set-top box; and you can just plain forget playing games on it.

The Remix Mini has its appeals and uses only for pretty basic work. But as it is, here and now, it’s not the post-Windows solution that some of us are looking for.

I applaud what Jide is trying to do, but at this point, with Google having openly stated they are working on bringing Android to the desktop, and giving it proper multi-window and all other features that come with it, I see little to no reason to invest too much into these products.


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