Apple unveils iOS 10

While I was watching Belgium vs. Italy, Apple did its whole WWDC thing, so time for some serious catch-up here on OSNews. Amidst all the frustrations caused by Belgium’s terrible play (still better than my own country, because we didn’t even qualify!), sideways glances at Twitter made it clear there was some awesome stuff taking place at WWDC, and since I’m trying this new thing where I’m not writing a mega keynote story, let’s chop it up a bit and look at the most interesting things in separate items.

Let’s start with iOS 10. First, while technically a small thing, it will cause millions of iOS users to heave a sigh of relief: starting with iOS 10, Apple will let you remove all the craptastic crapware that’s been accumulating in iOS over the years. No more ‘crapware’ folder on every iPhone, but a glorious little red jiggling X. It’s taken them way too long, but for me it’s probably the most welcome change in iOS at WWDC.

Apple also redesigned the lock screen, giving it the ability to display rich notifications, so you can interact with the notifications without opening the applications they belong to. They also introduced lock screen widgets. ESPN, for example, allows you to watch highlight videos without even opening the application.

Siri’s also been improved, and most notably, has been opened up to third parties. This mean you can now tell Siri to send a message through WhatsApp, or order a car through Uber. The number of supported applications is still relatively small, but this will surely rise in the near future. Siri’s contextually aware too, now, so it looks at your location, calendar contents, contact information, and so on.

There’s way more going on, of course, but nothing else really jumped out at me.


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