Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: the best big phone

The Note 7 is Samsung’s best device ever, and arguably the best big phone ever made. If that’s all you’re looking to know, then you can stop reading right now and go place your order. It will cost you $849 or more, depending on carrier, and can be preordered now. It will be available in stores starting on August 19th.

But it’s interesting to explore why the Note 7 is the best big phone ever. Samsung has more experience with big phones than any other company, and it is leveraging that to improve the big phone experience. It’s the only company that’s saying a big phone doesn’t have to feel like a big phone or be saddled with compromises often associated with them. Samsung wants you to have your cake and eat it too, and that cake’s flavor is the Note 7.

I tried a big phone for the first time. I bought a Nexus 6P, set my iPhone 6S aside. While Android is without a doubt the superior platform compared to iOS, the Nexus 6P just isn’t the right phone for me – it’s just too big. Big phones are heavy phones, and the whole experience just left my frustrated and annoyed. So for now, I’m back to the iPhone 6S, because despite the inferior software, the smaller size is just a lot more pleasant.

So, I gave the big phone so many people swear by a shot, and it didn’t work out for me.


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