Cambridge Z88 portable ROM 4.7 released

The Z88 Development Team has released a new version of the system ROM for the Cambridge Z88 portable.

It’s the result of more than a years work, with many improvements and new features: ISO character set support in filenames and international dates, faster serial I/O, improved RAM applications, better responsiveness. Rock-stable software that enables to run your Z88 for many months with re-booting.

The team also outlines its plans for the future:

The next step for the coming years is to re-implement the Z88 on low-power FPGA, minimum 10 X faster CPU, 800×600 screen resolution, up to 1Gb of RAM, SD-card filing system, VGA/HDMI output, improved operating system with new Unix-like command line Shell, ELF for Z80 executables + shared libraries, and integrated Zip arching in filing system. Emulators and developer tools will also be freely available.


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