Microsoft working on ‘Cloud Shell’

Last week, details emerged of Microsoft’s plans to develop a single, unified, ‘adaptive shell’ for Windows 10. Known as the ‘Composable Shell’, or CSHELL, the company’s efforts were said to be focused on establishing a universal Windows 10 version with a standardized framework to scale and adapt the OS to any type of device, display size or user experience, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, consoles, large touchscreens, and more.

Today, Petri reported that Microsoft is working on a new shell for Windows known as ‘Cloud Shell’. According to internal documentation referred to in that report, Cloud Shell is described as a “lightweight version of Windows designed for the modern computing world.” It also hints at plans to introduce the Cloud Shell sometime in 2017 – but little else is known about the new shell besides that.

To this day, Windows 10 on the desktop is still a hodgepodge of both Metro and Win32 applications; Explorer, for instance, is still a Win32 application. I would assume that all this chatter relates to unifying the shell into a single, adaptable Metro application.


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