The Windows for Workgroups launch event

Due to an SSD failure last year, I lost a bunch of my virtual machines, including my Windows 3.11 virtual machine. I don’t actually use these for anything, but I like having these old operating systems at my fingertips, in case, I don’t know, the world is about to end and the only way to prevent it is to run a very specific Windows 3.11-only application. So, yesterday, I recreated the virtual machine.

This seems like an excellent opportunity to link to the original Windows for Workgroups (Windows 3.11) launch event, from October 1992. I’m not even going to try to characterise or summarise this event, because it’s so incredibly Microsoftian and ’90s, the English language simply doesn’t contain enough words to paint an accurate picture.

I grew up with MS-DOS and later Windows 3.x, so this is a strange, somewhat… Twisted throwback to… Let’s call it ‘simpler’ times.


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