Synaptics hints at “next-generation” security OS from Microsoft

Synaptics and AMD today announced that they’re teaming up on a biometric security solution for consumer and business PCs built on AMD platforms. But for Microsoft watchers, the most curious portion of the announcement is that the biometric tech is squarely focused on a mysterious “next-generation operating system” from Microsoft.


It’s not entirely clear what the biometric security OS is that Synaptics is referring to, as Microsoft itself hasn’t announced any forthcoming releases. However, it could be related to a Microsoft project called Polaris, a more modern version of Windows 10 for desktops that Windows Central senior editor Zac Bowden reported on earlier this year.

Built on an internal project called Windows Core OS, which aims to turn Windows into a modular OS, Polaris is said to focus on desktop, laptop, and 2-in-1 form factors. The goal of Polaris is to provide a shell that Windows users are familiar with, but while leaving behind legacy components in favor of UWP apps. According to our reporting, Polaris would still be able to utilize some form of virtualization to run Win32 programs. However, dropping legacy cruft would, in theory, allow Microsoft to create a more secure version of Windows 10.

That’s basically what I’ve been wanting Microsoft to do for a decade now, so I hope this is actually true. It’d be a big, bold move, but Win32 has run its course, and it needs to be contained and phased out.


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