What OSNews is All About

I was meaning to write a message like this for quite some time and leave it at the top, so more readers can see it. People, STOP complaining when we put up development articles or when we put .NET or Microsoft articles or sci-fi news.OSNews is about ALL platforms, IT IS all about development (I am a developer myself, so by not putting such articles up it would not have been fun or interesting), about operating systems and NOT ONLY operating systems. We write about everything that would interest a geek reader. By definition, people who like alternative OSes, a major part of them are developers (but not all). Now, a major part of these developers (but not all) do like sci-fi. It is all like a chain, and we try to make everyone happy with our content. If there is an icon for something (for example, the movie icon or a humor icon) it means that this icon is there because we want to put such news/articles from time to time. It is not there by chance, neither we publish non-OS news articles by mistake. Each and every article is there, because we believe it would be interesting news for a lot of our readers (including ourselves). OSNews is a hobby for us (at least for me it is), so it has to be fun. If it ain’t no fun, we shut off OSNews, turn off our computers, and we all go out more. The fact that OSNews is so extremely popular (now we average many-many thousands of pages per day!) is a… (welcomed) byproduct of our work. Nothing more. We do not seek to be CNN or C|Net News.com, so if you have a problem with our articles or with our grammar/spelling, go elsewhere. Or simply bypass the articles that do not interest you. And before posting comments, please do read the agreement.