Contiki AVR Port for Embedded Systems

Do you remember the
Contiki desktop OS, an Internet-enabled graphical operating system for constrained systems? I have just ported
Contiki to the 8-bit Atmel
microcontroller, which is commonly used in various kinds of embedded systems, and have set up a demo server running the Contiki AVR software at server runs the entire Contiki system including the web server and web browser on the Ethernut
hardware that consists of an 14 MHz AVR Atmega128 microcontroller, 32 kilobytes of RAM and an RTL8019as Ethernet chip. The board does not have a screen connected to it, nor any on-board graphics circuitry,
but uses the VNC remote display protocol to make it possible to interact with a the device through a virtual screen over the Internet. The entire Contiki AVR system uses
slightly more than 20 k RAM, of which 6 k is used for the virtual display 8 k for the web browser. The code and the web pages are stored in the microcontroller’s on-chip flash ROM.


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