Sun Launches Hardware Compatibly List (HCL) Program

Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced significantly expanded hardware support for the Solaris Operating System (OS) x86 Platform Edition. Sun’s goal is to ensure that the Solaris OS x86 is available on the widest range of x86 systems by adding 100 new third-party systems and 100 new components to its Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) delivering more value, choice and flexibility to customers. Read on for the rest of the press release.

Sun also introduced a hardware certification test suite (HCTS) and promotion program. The HCTS is available immediately and enables integrators,
system vendors and independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to self-certify their x86 platforms and extend their reach to customers. All Solaris 9 OS x86 users
and vendors are invited to participate, test and list their products on the official Sun Solaris 9 OS x86 HCL site.

Today, IHVs wanting to leverage the growing market for Solaris x86 are
delivering the device driver support needed for enterprise-class
Customers can access a detailed Solaris x86 hardware compatibility list at and take advantage of a full range of
drivers and system configurations, and a growing catalog of third-party and
open-source applications.

“As we continue to kick the Solaris x86 program into high gear, our
partner response has been overwhelming,” said Ann Wettersten, vice president
of marketing, software systems group at Sun. “We’ve seen more than
250,000 additional registered licenses of Solaris 9 x86 from industries such
as finance, government, retail and telecom in the past four months alone.
Customers are asking Sun and our partners for a proven, secure,
enterprise-class operating system that leverages the x86 volume platform
and is free and clear from any litigation concerns at a very aggressive

As mass viruses continue to pose a significant threat to any
organization’s IT infrastructure, customers are looking to utilize the most
reliable and secure system at a competitive price. With licensing starting
$99, the Solaris 9 OS x86 provides key integrated applications with built-in
security features such as an integrated, enterprise-class firewall. For
additional security, the Trusted Solaris(TM) OS for x86 delivers
availability with military-grade security. Trusted Solaris is the only
enterprise-class OS that provides the highest level of security assurance in
the market.

“Sun is aggressively moving to ensure that Solaris x86 is available on
widest variety of x86 systems. Through our partnership agreement with Sun,
Electronic Business Solutions (EBS) will fully integrate, service and
the Solaris x86 platform on a variety of high volume x86 systems to offer
customers the benefits of the leading UNIX(r) operating system,” said Fran
President and CEO of Electronic Business Solutions. “EBS has been authorized
by HPQ to support the Solaris OS x86 platform on their Proliant servers. EBS
will be providing HPQ field sales team and customers with front line sales
support as well as integration, service and support worldwide.”

“Sun selected Xoriant as its certification partner to help customers and
OEMs certify their specific x86 systems with the Solaris OS x86,” said
Girish Gaitonde, CEO of Xoriant. “Our partnership with Sun further
the Solaris x86 adoption rate by providing a turnkey approach for Sun
and customers who want to outsource compatibility testing for their x86

In addition to offering a highly secure operating system, Sun delivers a
safe choice amid pending intellectual property disputes. Sun indemnifies its
customers for all Solaris Operating Systems, including Sun’s SPARC, x86 and
Trusted Solaris, making the Solaris OS a safe choice for customers moving


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