SkyEye 0.3.2 released; Now Supports XSCALE Simulation

SkyEye is a simulator for typical embedded computer systems. It can simulate Atmel AT91 based on the ARM7TDMI, EP7312 based on ARM720T, StrongARM SA1100/SA1110, and 8019as NIC, etc. Some operating systems, such as ARM Linux, uClinux, and uc/OS-II(ucos-ii), can run and be debugged and analyzed at the source level. This Skyeye snapshot version it can simulate the Xscale PXA 250 Lubbock developboard.
The normal version, SkyEye-v0.3.2, is also released and add new funtions:
can log instr flow and register content when program/os are running.
can run program binary image in certain address
can output/input character in a terminal which is connected in /dev/COMx

Skyeye has three remaining big bugs, according to the author:
1: sometimes cann’t step or next in skyeye for ep7312 or strongarm
2: cann’t support userland apps using dynamic lib in skyeye for ep7312 or strongarm
3: can’t use remote gdb to debug userland apps in skyeye for all