Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3: Red Hat Overhauls Flagship Linux

Dominant Linux seller Red Hat will begin offering the newest incarnation of its product for business customers on Wednesday, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, a version that opens several new markets for the company. Read the rest of the report at and “read more” for the full press release.

Leading Hardware and Software Vendors Announce Support and Availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Red Hat’s position in the Datacenter is solidified with latest release.

RALEIGH, NC, October 22, 2003 – Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT), the world’s
premier open source software provider, today announced a major milestone in
the company’s long-term strategy of delivering an Open Source Architecture
to the enterprise. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is now available supporting
a greatly increased range of IT deployments and spanning seven hardware
architectures. Emphasizing scalability, performance and extended system
coverage, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 provides a stable operating system
platform that enables customers to realize the benefits of open source
solutions across their complete computing infrastructure – from the desktop
to the largest server.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 marks a significant achievement in the
maturation of open source,” said Paul Cormier, Executive Vice president of
Engineering at Red Hat. “This release will act as the unifying platform,
and will support seven hardware architectures for both client and server
deployments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has gained the reputation as the de-
facto enterprise Linux standard. This second generation solution from
Red Hat will strengthen Red Hat’s global foothold in the enterprise and
eliminate the need for proprietary Unix.”

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 was developed in close collaboration with customers, hardware manufacturers and software partners with a focus on performance, scalability, and the support of of a secure, consistent enterprise-wide platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 includes numerous features providing a potent combination of the latest technical features and enterprise stability:

– Native Posix Threading Library provides significant performance improvement for multi-threading applications.
– Scalability improvements include support for larger SMP, memory and I/O configurations.
– Single code base improves code stability, maintainability and security.
– Supported hardware architectures include Intel x86 and Itanium, AMD AMD64, IBM zSeries, iSeries , pSeries, and S/390.

“Adecco’s back office manages more than one-half million employees
annually, so we are continuously seeking improvements in performance,
reliability and scalability,” said Joseph Pagliaccio, Director of
Enterprise Systems for Adecco USA. “With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3’s
support of additional addressable memory, we will potentially derive
savings and improve performance in our enterprise database server

Adecco, based in Zurich, is the world’s largest HR solutions company with
5,800 offices across 67 territories and serves 100,000 Clients and 650,000
Associates each day.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is available now as part of an annual
subscription that includes Red Hat Network and services. Current Red Hat
Enterprise Linux subscribers can upgrade now via Red Hat Network. Red Hat
OEM partners will deliver Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 AS, ES and WS in
pre-configured hardware solutions in the next 30-60 days. Several leading
ISV applications are already available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and
others have committed to be available in the near term. For more
information please visit for more information or call
866-2-REDHAT, extension 45009.

Industry Support

“Systems based on AMD Opteron(tm) and AMD Athlon(tm) processors running
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 deliver high performance computing to run
mission-critical applications in the data center and on the desktop,” said
Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD’s Microprocessor
Business Unit. “Today and tomorrow, AMD and Red Hat deliver performance,
scalability and value to our customers. With AMD64 technology, AMD and
Red Hat deliver a dynamic 64-bit computing environment that delivers
native, high-performance 32-bit and powerful 64-bit applications.”

“Linux has emerged as BEA’s fastest growing deployment operating system
platform,” said Bob Griswold, vice president and general manager, Java
Runtime Products Group, at BEA Systems. “BEA and Red Hat are working
closely together- through engineering collaboration, joint solutions and
joint support offerings- to optimize, bring to market and support the
industry’s leading J2EE on enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is
an important part of our partnership and offers continued advancement in
performance, reliability and quality.”

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell Precision
workstations extends the performance, reliability and cost benefits of
standardized, open architectures over proprietary platforms in the
Datacenter,” said Pete Morowski, vice president of software, Dell Product
Group. “The Dell-Red Hat One Source Alliance makes it easy for customers to
purchase or upgrade their Red Hat environment, taking full advantage of new
capabilities, such as enhanced performance and expanded memory.”

“The launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is great news for our customers,”
said Akira Yamanaka, Group President of Server Systems Group at Fujitsu.
“Red Hat and Fujitsu are cooperating together to reinforce Linux
functionality, focusing on enterprise areas. In the course of such efforts,
we are pleased to make this release part of our reliable offering to
deliver to enterprise customers.”

“Hitachi, Ltd. welcomes the announcement from Red Hat, Inc. of the release
of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3based on the latest technology,”Katsuya
Takanashi, Executive General Manager of Software Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 has been enhanced for enterprise usage, and
Hitachi, Ltd. expects that the announcement of this product will enlarge
the Linux enterprise market.”

“HP is bringing the powerful and flexible Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
platform to enterprise customers on leading HP industry-standard
solutions,” said Martin Fink, vice president of Linux, HP Enterprise
Storage and Servers. “HP is delivering on its commitment to put customers
first, offering them solutions with the best price and performance
available on the market today.”

“Customers are demanding a solution broad enough to cover the entire
computing space. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is getting us closer to that
goal,” said Jim Stallings, general manager of Linux at IBM. “Customers
recognize that a standards-based platform will save them time, money and
improve productivity from workstations and file and print, to clusters and
the datacenter. Customers are anticipating this release, and IBM welcomes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 to the marketplace.”

‘Intel offers the industry’s most pervasive, flexible and cost effective
platforms for enterprise based on a choice of operating systems, including
Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 takes advantage of the increased cache
available on Intel Itanium-based servers to improve the performance of
enterprise computing solutions,” said Richard Wirt, senior fellow and
General Manager, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation.
“IT departments need performance but they also want scalable, manageable
and reliable enterprise solutions. Intel Xeon processor and Itanium2
processor-based servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 provide these

“NEC and Red Hat have been working together closely to provide global
enterprise customers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on NEC Express 5800 and
TX7 servers,” said Yasuo Iwaok, Executive General Manager, 2nd Computers
Software Division, NEC Corporation. “The enhanced functionality of
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 will provide an even more powerful solution to
the enterprise. We are excited to expand the global enterprise market with
Red Hat.”

“Oracle and Red Hat continue to deliver on our deep commitment to enable
low cost, standards-based computing infrastructure for customers,” said
Dave Dargo, vice president, Linux Program Office at Oracle.
With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 we offer our joint customers a fully
tested, optimized and certified platform to run their mission critical
systems along with integrated support, that helps ensure the highest level
of service from day one.”

“The release of Redhat Enterprise Server 3 is a critical milestone in the overall strategy of providing Fanatical SupportT to Rackspace customers.”
said Dirk Elmendorf, Chief Technology Evangelist, Rackspace Managed Hosting. “The introduction of a standard 64-bit distribution will enable us to offer solutions that scale even further for those enterprise customers
that require a higher level of computing power for their business applications. The integration of Red Hat Network provides us with a flexible, scalable and cost-effective opportunity to enhance our level of service for our Linux customers.”


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