Lindows Pleads for Technical Dismissal, an OS software startup sued by Microsoft last month for alleged trademark infringement, is hoping to have the case thrown out of court on a technicality, its chief executive said Friday. […], which is based in San Diego, California, has since argued that it can’t be sued in a state that it has never done business in, Chief Executive Officer Michael Robertson said. filed a motion to dismiss the case on Jan. 2 in which it urged the Washington court to throw out Microsoft’s case because is outside the Washington court’s jurisdiction.” Read the rest of the story at InfoWorld. In the meantime, the Lindows company gave to Microsoft the names, snail mail addresses and email addresses of the people who have registered so far to have access to the Preview version of LindowsOS, when that would be available. They were compelled to do so, the Lindows CEO said.


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