Sun to Meet With Angered Solaris-Intel Users

Sun dealt a double-blow to its users last week by ending the Solaris download program for Intel-based computers and saying it won’t support Intel with its upcoming Solaris 9 operating system. The moves have angered some Solaris fans, who offered to start paying for the software if Sun would keep its support for Intel alive. Sun has since agreed to meet with users in the coming weeks to discuss ways that the Solaris-on-Intel program could be reinstated, said Graham Lovell, director of product marketing for Solaris. […] Sun has also battled with Intel over support for Solaris on Intel’s 64-bit Itanium architecture. Sun started work on a version of Solaris for Itanium, but the project was later cancelled. Both companies have pointed fingers at each other for ending the work.” Read the rest of the story at InfoWorld.


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