Lindows Sneak Preview Released

OSNews reader Dave Merrill was lucky to get access to a preview version of the Lindows OS and inform us with his findings. Read more about Dave’s mini-preview. In the meantime, NewsForge also published a more extensive preview of the Linux-based OS which aims to run Windows software out of the box without the need of a Windows operating system installed. The NewsForge article also includes three screenshots.“Lindows has released their first preview release 0.9 yesterday. The long awaited and much anticipated linux-based system comes in two flavors. One is designed to install inside your existing Windows partition, the second being used as a clean install across a whole drive. I happened to run both installs last night and was pleased for something that clearly was stated as missing pieces of function and being pre-released software (not sure if I’d even call it beta yet). The installation into an existing Windows partition went better than I expected. It was able to successfully migrate a fair portion of Windows settings over to Lindows. In addition, it was able to configure some of my applications to run under Lindows, essentially using WINE, I believe. I say some only because I’m still walking thru all of them to determine what does work and what doesn’t. Microsoft Office2000 has been verified and all applications came up for me. Some of the text on the menus is sized incorrectly but was usable. The only issue I had with this install, in fact, appears to be lack of support for the pcmcia chipset the laptop I’m using has. It wasn’t able to see two known-linux-compatible network cards so I suspect the problem to be pcmcia (but am still working to determine this).

My clean install was a different story. With a spare drive in hand, I installed it in a relatively current model laptop and found all hardware to be supported. Oddly, it looks as though there are only a couple of resolutions supported for my video chipset and not the one that’s native but x came up without missing a beat at 1024X768 (machine is capable of 1400X1024). The networking portion via pcmcia worked out of the box, using the same cards that did not work in my othre laptop. Since this was a clean install, it initially contained only a handful of applications contained in Lindows KDE-based install (though just about every game in the normal linux distros are included). I decided to go for it and try to install via windows install cd’s. To somewhat a suprise to me, Office2000 did successfully install and came up (brief check). I wasn’t so successful with other installs. I tried to install Lotus Notes and Smartsuite without success. Found that most apps that worked in the previous install would not install, including Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.
All in all, I was still encouraged since what worked, seemed to work well, wasn’t overly slow (though that initial start on items it migrated to WINE did take quite awhile as I’ve found to be the case under any Linux/Wine use).”

Dave Merrill


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